Thermo-fleeced glove ideal for mid-season racing and training, offers good protection against wind and light rain.
The knittable fabric uses the special THERMAL insulation technology that guarantees excellent thermal insulation and breathability. Comfortable fit, soft muscle compression and good freedom of movement; the practical tongue on the wrist makes it easy to wear. The palm is suede with foam padding mesh foam to ensure the right protection against the stresses generated by the handlebar; an additional reinforcement is placed between the thumb and index finger.

Product details

  • Back in thermal fabric
  • Suede palm with foam padding to cushion the vibrations of the handlebars
  • Additional reinforcement between thumb and index finger
  • Tongue on wrist for easy wearing



Regular fit, it adapts to the hand ensuring the right comfort and ample freedom of movement.

Technical specifications


  • Back: 90% Polisere 10% Elastane
  • Palm: 90% Poliammide 10% Polieretano

Designed for temperatures between 10° and 18°


Weighs about 20 gr in size S


Care and maintenance

In order to preserve the quality and performance of our items, we recommend that you observe proper and correct maintenance. In particular:

  • Wash the garments immediately after use
  • Wash at temperatures NEVER above 30°
  • Dry inside out
  • Dry in the shade
  • DO NOT dry near heat sources                ( fireplaces, radiators, stoves, etc.)
  • DO NOT dry in dryer
  • DO NOT use fabric softeners
  • DO NOT use detergent doses higher than necessary

Term of sale

Customize your garment from a minimum order of 25 pieces.

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