About us

A common passion: the love for sport. The paternal legacy: passionate about cycling and expert tailor. These are the starting points of our adventure, which began about fifteen years ago.
It was, in fact, the end of 2008 when, after years of experience in the field of clothing, we decided to get involved and explore a whole new world: cycling.
The healthy folly of trying to create something new was the drive that made our first steps. And it is still today, aware that the goal, the goal to reach, is always at the end of a steep and challenging slope.

Our aim is the constant search for a product that can meet the expectations and needs of our athletes: it is no coincidence that being “customer-oriented” is one of our hallmarks.

Creativity, professionalism, availability, is what we offer in our company, for the development of fully customizable solutions according to the needs of our customers; with an eye to the continuous evolution of the market.
All this leads us to the constant search for innovations in design, materials and production process.

“Made in Italy” or better “Handcrafted in Italy”.
Yes, because we like to draw and focus attention precisely on the craftsmanship of our work, the value, the technique and the almost maniacal attention to detail, typical of the Italian artisan culture.
A small but dynamic reality ours, where the inventiveness of young designers is founded with the skill and expertise of expert hands and gives us the opportunity to follow, step by step, all the stages of work, giving us the opportunity to offer the best in terms of quality and performance.

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